Teridian is now part of Maxim Integrated Products

Teridian Semiconductor Corp. designs mixed-signal integrated circuits used in energy, automation, networking, and secure access systems. Teridian’s ICs connect customers’ digital systems to the analog inputs found in utility metering, industrial automation, set top box, digital TV, voice over IP, electronic identity, and point-of-sale applications.

Energy & Automation

Metering – Teridian’s solutions for energy metering are comprised of a wide array of system-on-chip (SOC) devices which provide a highly accurate, reliable, and cost effective alternative to multi-chip implementations. Teridian 71M65xx family of products meet worldwide requirements for very high end metering systems with advanced communications processing and metrology capabilities, as well as very low end Watt-Hour, anti-tamper and prepayment meters.

Electronic Trip Unit . Teridian provides Electronic Trip Unit (ETU) solutions for load control, motor protection, and other types of power or current monitoring applications

Motor Protection

Energy Measurement – Teridian designs and manufactures system-on-chip IC solutions for the energy measurement, control and communication market as well. Products are used in electricity meters, as well as enterprise based solutions such as servers, power distributions units and outlet monitoring devices to measure power dissipation with high accuracy, and enable communication processing of recorded energy data.

Secure Access & Networking

Smart Card Reader – Teridian offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of smart card readers with the benefits of low power and high signal integrity. The products are also available with power down options that are not usually found in other conditional access solutions. The series provides seamless implementation and easy certification of applicable standards such as ISO7816-4, EMV 4.1, NDS, Windows™XP and Vista (73S1215/17).

Ethernet – Teridian offers the world’s smallest 10/100 PHY and a 10/100 controller (MAC & PHY) supporting multimedia offload and optimized functions for video over ethernet applications. Teridian’s Ethernet products can be found in market leading IP Video platforms.

Modem & SiDAA – Teridian Semiconductor is the leading supplier of embedded modems and soft modem codecs for direct broadcast satellite billing, point of sale (POS) and credit card verification terminals, security systems, pay phones and many other similar embedded applications. Teridian provides low-speed modems, soft modem Analog Front End and highly integrated Silicon DAA solutions.

VOIP FXO – Using Teridian’s MicroDAA™ technology offers a highly integrated Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) device that has benefited from our knowledge and experience with DAA technology providing top level performance, quality and integrated functionality. Standardized interfaces ensure that the integration of the FXO into residential Analog Terminal Adapters, Small-to-medium business’s integrated voice and data routers and IP enabled PBX’s is easy.

WAN – Teridian Semiconductor is a leader in coaxial Line Interface Units (LIUs) for PDH and SONET/SDH WAN interfaces ranging from 34.368 Mbps to 155.52 Mbps. With a large installation base and a dedication to high performance mixed-signal solutions, Teridian LIUs are the ideal choice.