Silicon Labs’ portfolio of both application specific and general purpose products includes high-performance, mixed-signal 8-bit microcontrollers, broadcast audio and video solutions, wireless transmitters and receivers, digital isolators, touch sense controllers, proximity and ambient light sensors, ISOmodemĀ® embedded modems, ProSLICĀ® subscriber line interface circuits, silicon direct access arrangements (DAAs) and clocks and oscillators.

Human Interface
Infrared Sensors – industry’s most sensitive active infrared proximity sensor ICs,

Multi-Band Receivers , Automotive Radio Receivers , FM Radio Receivers, FM Radio Transceivers, FM Radio Transmitters, RDS Data Receivers , Class D Audio Amplifiers , Class D Audio Drivers

Hybrid TV Tuners , Satellite Receivers, Digital TV Demodulators

Isolation and Power
AC Current Sensors, High-Side DC Current Sensor, Digital Isolators, ISOdrivers, Power Controllers and Power over Ethernet Controllers

SLICs , Voice Codec, Voice DAAs, Analog DAA

Embedded Modems, Silicon DAAs ,Analog DAAs

Analog-Intensive MCUs , Automotive and Industrial MCUs, Capacitive Touch Sense MCUs , LCD Controllers, Low-Power MCUs , Small Form Factor MCUs , USB MCUs, Wireless MCUs

Clocks and Oscillators
Silicon Oscillators, Crystal Oscillators (XOs), Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs)
Clock Generation

EZRadio ISM Band RX/TX, EZRadioPRO ISM Band RX/TX, Multi-Band Receivers, FM Radio Receivers>

USB Connectivity Bridges