PDN Analyzer

PDN_analyzerThe PDN Analyzer enables PCB designers of any experience level to easily identify and resolve voltage and current issues in their PDN (Power Distribution Network) without ever having to leave their design workspace – all the necessary PDN analysis tools are included in the designer’s workspace in Altium Designer.

Unified Design and Analysis Workflow in Altium Designer


Stay at your most efficient in your DC design process using the Altium Designer Unified Design workflow. Continuously analyze voltage and current performance throughout your board layout process to ensure your PDN is optimized and error-free.

Automated Analysis Setup

automated_analysis_setup_3Save time analyzing complex nets and copper geometries on your board layout with an automated analysis setup.

DC Voltage and Current Density Plots

dc_voltage_and_current_density_plots_1_1Clearly visualize voltage drop at design time Native 3D with DC voltage drop and current density plots.



Customized Views for DC Power Analysis

customized_views_for_dc_power_analysis_1 Gain insights into your most common plane layout errors by viewing your planes with voltage drop and current density plots.


Unified Design Environment

unified_design_environment_1Remain at your most efficient in your design and PDN analysis process with the unified design environment in Altium Designer.



Integrated Design & Simulation Data

integrated_desgin_simulation_data_1Save time optimizing your PDN for even the most complex board layouts with fully integrated design and simulation data.


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