leading high power LED manufacturer with product line ranging from 1 Watt to 100 Watt, single-chip to multi-chip, and high flux to high CRI. The diversified product offering will answer to even the most challenging fixture designs.
LEDs Component

PLCC Series
Ultra high luminous efficacy, in design due to it slim and miniature size, PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) – types PLCC 3528 2P, PLCC 3528 4P , PLCC 3528 0.5W , PLCC 5050 6P , PLCC 5050 0.5W , PLCC 5050 1W

Federal Series
Federal series is a small type SMT power LED with 90lm at 350mA for cool white color. Types – Federal 1W , Federal 3W

Flash Series
Flash 2016, a surface mount device with ultra-compact light source is designed for camera flash in portable digital imaging system. – Flash 2016 , Flash 3045

Edixeon A Series
Edixeon® A Series provide the most affordable price while bearing the same high luminous flux. A stellar choice for the modern Solid-State Lighting applications. Types – Edixeon A 1W, Edixeon A 3W

Edixeon S Series
Edixeon® emitters are built with packages designed specifically for High Power LED. Edixeon® S Series offers 15 different choices of color, including UV and IR series. The CCT rank from 5,000K to 10,000K emitters have typical luminous output of 120 lumens at 350mA, and are built specifically for reflow process. – Edixeon S 1W , Edixeon S 3W

Edixeon RGB Series
Edixeon® RGB Series not only creates exceptional color mixing effect, but also reduces total LED system cost by reducing the number of components. Each color can be independently controlled . Types – Edixeon RGB 3W

EdiLine III Series
The linear structure of EdiLine III Series results in an easier heat dissipation requirement, making versatile fixtures design possible as well as an overall cost saving benefit.

EdiLine III 1W , EdiLine III 3.5W , EdiLine III 2W , EdiLine III 3W

EdiPower II Series
4W-6W, 8W-15W , 16w-24w , 30W-50W

EdiStar Series
One of the brightest Uitra High Power LED emitter available on earth, EdiStar Series exhibits ultra high luminous flux output up to 7,500lm for 100W in cool white. EdiStar Series remains small and slim in size while provides lighting designers an opportunity to be used as street lighting and down lights.
EdiStar 50W , EdiStar 100W

PLCC Module
The Lightbar with Heatsink features multi-chips packaged 5050 PLCC SMDs on an extruded heatsink 20mm (0.8″) wide and length up to 120cm (47.2″). It is specifically to allow easy screw-tight installation at compact spaces where traditional light source cannot fit in.

Federal Module
For easy installation and usage, Edixeon® Federal Module Series comes with different color, such as RGB, RGBA, RGBW, RGGB. It is designed for saving time and cost, and meanwhile Edixeon® Federal Modue Series can offer ourstanding color mixing performance.

Edixeon Module
Fashioned specifically for Edison Opto’s high-power LED family, these metal-core PCBs are essential in providing effective thermal conducting management for high power LEDs. Available in various shape and size, as well as two different colors, black and white, per your design preference.

M26 Module
Consisting of 6 high performance Edixeon® power LEDs driven at 500mA, 10W M26 Module Series is capable of delivering illumination up to 4,700 lux at 1 meter distance with a field angle of 25 degree (CCT typical:6,000K)

M32 Module
15W M32 Module series is capable of delivering illumination up to 6,100 lux at 1 meter distance with a field angle of 25 degree (CCT typical:6,000K)

AR111 Module
Edison Opto 10W AR111 Module series, with 6 Edixeon® LEDs, creates a high luminous efficacy and long life expectancy lighting source.

Street Lighting Module
Street Lighting Module Series uses 24 pcs high brightness LED. With specially designed elliptical lens, each Street Lighting Module Series can be assembled upto 6 pcs, suitable in application such as 4~12m road lamp.

EDIS Module
Featuring high efficient aluminum reflector and protective glass cover, the circular and ellipse EDIS module are designed for large, open area lighting such as warehouse lighting high/low bay application and pedestrian sidewalk lighting

High/Low Bay Module
Edison Opto provides a better lighting solution of light in high/low ceiling applications

Opto Sensor

Tensor Series
Slim, sensitive, and responsive. Edison Opto Tensor provides ingenious functions with extremely low cost.