Solutions and concepts for measuring based on time interval measurement in the picosecond range, based on acam’s TDC (Time-to-Digital Converter) technology new product families arose named as , and which demonstrate the manyfoldness and power of this measuring principle. transfer the manifold potential of precise time measurement to consumer, automotive, industry and scientific applications and offer professional solutions for difficult measurement tasks.

TDCs – Time-to-Digital Converters
A sophisticated design of the TAC together with limitations to update rate or multihit capability make these solutions inattractive for industrial applications.

Integrated digital TDCs
The high precision of the time measurement – down to 14 ps – in combination with the large dynamic range (up to 30 Bit), the high stability over temperature and supply voltage and the possibilty of a low cost production thanks to the CMOS technology make them the first choice for industrial applications.

Digital Amplifiers for strain gauge load cells- PICOSTRAIN uses a new approach which provides signifi cant advantages when compared to A/D-converter solutions. Theresistance ratio is calculated from a time measurement instead of a voltage measurement.

The most flexible solution in direct Capacitance-to-Digital Conversion with input capacitance range between 0fF up to hundreds of nF. PICOCAP also provides a powerful combination of performance and accuracy with the option for ultra-low current applications.

Smart sensor for measuring the rotational speed of turbochargers compressor wheels. Miniaturized – to perfectly suit applications in engine bay, IP67 proof and with a standard TTL / CMOS output signal